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IKIGAI Project Info

Project Name:IKIGAI
Developer:Opulent Development Pte. Ltd.
Address:38 Shrewsbury Road
Site Area:1,028.1 sqm / 11,065.44sqft
Type of Development:Private Residential Development
No. Of Units:16 Residential Units
No. of Blocks/Storeys:1 Block of 5 Storey Residential Development with Swimming Pool and Communal Facilities
No. Of Carparks:13 carpark lots and 1 accessible lots (incl 1 EV charging lot)
Plot Ratio:1.5
Architect:ipli Architects
Landscape Consultant:Nyee Phoe Flower Garden Pte. Ltd.
Main Contractor:Sheng Yue Construction Pte. Ltd.
C&S Consultant:Bureau Veritas Buildings & Infrastructure Pte. Ltd.
M&E Consultant:PTA Consultant Pte. Ltd.
Quantity Surveyor:PMS Associates
Interior Designer:ipli Architects
Facilities:Swimming Pool, Gym, Kids' Pool, Pavilion, Outdoor Shower
Developer Licence:C1405
Project Account No.:Hong Leong Finance Limited for Project A/C No. 101-3003902-8 of Opulent Development Pte. Ltd.
Expected Date of TOP:10 May 2026 (Non-Committal Target: Oct 2023)
Expected Date of Legal Completion:10-May-28


IKIGAI Condo Location Map


IKIGAI Condo Location Map

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Smart Homes & Premium Fittings at IKIGAI


Premium Fittings and Finishings at IKIGAI

Smart Home and Premium Fittings at IKIGAI


IKIGAI Design Concept


Simplicity extends into Ikigai’s interior in a minimalist touch that combines the timeless elegance of Japanese aesthetics with the modern flair of Scandinavian design. The hybrid style combines art and nature for a balanced and perfect blend of function and form.

The similarities in design sensibilities of the two styles can be traced back to 150 years ago when ties between Japan and Scandinavia, especially Denmark, began in trade and cultural exchanges. While they are on opposite sides of the globe, both value simplicity and functionality, sustainability and a love of natural materials like wood, as well as a deep respect for craftsmanship. Traces of Japanese influence are seen in today’s Danish ceramics, furniture, architecture and minimalism, as is the case for Danish elements in Japanese art and aesthetics.

The crossover harmonises the Scandi notion of ‘hygge’, (cosiness) and Japanese ‘wabi-sabi’, (beauty in imperfection), using a plethora of natural material, muted colours, clean lines with well-curated furnishings to create a calming atmosphere to unwind.


IKIGAI Design Concept

Spacious Floorplan Layout at IKIGAI


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