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Opulent Development Pte. Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Prime Developments Pte. Ltd..


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We are here to create body of work with a high degree of artistry, beauty and city building. We focused on refine experience by embody the relationship of our creation with the environment and through celebrate the tradition of craft and materiality. We have projects in every scale from micro to macro level including luxury residential, commercials, hotels, retail and offices. We are practice working towards the goal of bringing seemingly disparate elements together, in an attempt to make meaningful collaboration to our building. Every one of those collaborations has pushed our practice in a certain direction.

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Create high degree of artistry, beauty & city building

We dedicated to build extraordinary building by integration of architecture and sustainability. We are striving to achieve strong quality culture by embracing artistry and innovation to further streamline our methodology towards the aspiration of truly construction and building a great architecture building along with health and safety performance that can be admire and to leading our industry. We always setting the bar higher moving the boundary of what is possible. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do, and we have created a culture that has enabled us to build an unrivalled reputation.

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Prime Developments Pte Ltd in Singapore
We continue to make great strides in managing the environmental aspects and impacts of our business and remain committed to developing innovative solutions to control these.

We have enhanced our monitoring, and reporting system to ensure that our decisions are based upon sound data that is responsive to, and reflective of the changing demands of the group.

We embraces the use of recycle material as aggregate replacement, where appropriate and reused tonnes of waste material on site.

Through our commitment to the principles of continual improvement, we have achieved notable advancements within the fields of waste management, energy efficiency and the decarbonisation of key construction processes.

We strive to improve future performance by embracing innovation to further streamline our construction methods towards the aspiration of truly lean construction and become one of the LEED platinum developers.

With a large part of our focus going forward on using energy system to instigate a massive reduction of carbon footprint in Singapore.

We are also embraced prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction method which involved design and construction to be done in a controlled factory environment and all modules are prefinished with cabinetry, painting works before deliver to the site for assemble.

With most of the work completed at the factory, manpower and materials can be more efficiently planned and quality controlled. This method enhanced the site safety and minimised on site dust and noise pollution.









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